Richard Pohl - Pianist

Bachelor Thesis JAMU 2007
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Duo Skarka-Pohl
Xing Xing - Soprano
Josef Skarka - Bass
Michaela Kapustova - Mezzo-Soprano
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Jana Dolezilkova - Soprano
Due in Eterno (Two Violins)
Bledar Zajmi - Cello
David Schmied - Pianist
Irina Klyuev - Pianist
Pierre Feraux - Pianist
Jakub Pustina - Baritone
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Richard Pohl: W. A. Mozart: Piano Concerto in D minor KV 466 and Its Interpretation

Bachelor Thesis on Mozart's Concerto in D minor KV 466 (in Czech, abstract in English). Janacek Academy of Music 2007

This thesis is copyrighted. Use the information with respect to international copyright laws. c2007, RIchard Pohl.