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Duo Skarka-Pohl
Xing Xing - Soprano
Janacek - Revueltas 2008
Josef Skarka - Bass
Michaela Kapustova - Mezzo-Soprano
Mario Zhang - Tenor
Jana Dolezilkova - Soprano
Due in Eterno (Two Violins)
Bledar Zajmi - Cello
David Schmied - Pianist
Irina Klyuev - Pianist
Pierre Feraux - Pianist
Jakub Pustina - Baritone
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International Kubalek Piano Courses - Hudební nástroje

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Richard Pohl
Photo by Petr Kurecka
Artistic Management:

Melodia Art Management
Hluboka 82
539 73 Skutec
Czech Republic
Phone: +420 469 625 128

Richard Pohl
Podebradova 102
612 00 Brno
Czech Republic
Phone: +420 602 354 579
ICQ: 228-155-927
Skype: ronaldpianist
Facebook: richardpohl

Richard's books

Understanding Music: Philosophy and Interpretation
The Aesthetics of Music
Camino Al Espa Ol: A Comprehensive Course in Spanish
What to Listen for in Music
The Inner Game of Music
Piano Notes: The World of the Pianist
The Art Of Piano Playing
Piano Playing: With Piano Questions Answered
Famous Pianists & Their Technique
Principles Of Piano Technique And Interpretation
The Art Of Practising The Piano
On Piano Teaching and Performing
Hearing and Writing Music: Professional Training
                                    for Today's Musician
Harmonograph: A Visual Guide to the Mathematics of Music
The Elements of Music: Melody, Rhythm, and Harmony
Schaum's Outline of Spanish Vocabulary
Lennon and McCartney -
                                    Together Alone: A Critical Discography of Their Solo Work
The Ultimate Spanish Verb Review and Practice: Mastering Verbs and Sentence Building for Confident Communication
Spanish Verbs For Dummies (For Dummies

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Richard Pohl

Jeseniky Mountains - Czech Republic