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Richard Pohl

Richard Pohl

Stahnout zivotopis v cestine

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 "...and also about the excellent piano accompaniment provided by Richard Pohl. He proved his high pianistic class in solo pieces as well, especially in the 3rd movement of Beethoven´s Moonlight Sonata..." (Sona Dostalova, Orlovske noviny, January 2008)

"...and everything was perfectly complemented by the accompanist, Mr. Richard Pohl, who is doing it with such ease as they all were performing together since they were born." (Frantisek Juza, Trebic news, September 2007) 
"The whole recital was exceptionally succesfull... Particularly praisworthy was his selection of the neglected "Sufferings of the Queen of France" by J. L. Dussek... In Chopin's Sonata he showed a real artistic maturity." (Vera Lejskova, Hudebni rozhledy, May 2007)

"...the packed audience was applauding to the masterful playing of Richard Pohl..."
(Jana Novotna, Kralovopolske listy, April 2011)

Richard Pohl (1983) was born in Ostrava (Czech Republic).

His exceptional talent resulted in many awards at national competitions for young musicians including Honorary Diploma and First Prize at the Carl Ditters von Dittersdorf Chamber Music Competition, 3rd prize at the National Contest of Jazz Ensembles, Honorary mention at the International Broadcast Competition Concertino Praga and many awards for the outstanding piano accompaniment during his studies at State Conservatory in Brno and later at the Janacek Academy of Music and Performing Arts.

At the academy he studied with Zdenek Hnat, one of the greatest Czech pianists of our time, a pupil of Heinrich Neuhaus. After his retirement in 2006 Pohl entered class of celebrated professors Alena Vlasakova and Jan Jirasky; the Master degree under guidance of professor Jan Jirasky only. Now he works as a doctoral student at the academy on various projects and serves as an accompanist at the music faculty. He also attended masterclasses with Antonin Kubalek (Canada), Jan Gottlieb Jiracek (Austria), Stefan Vladar, Sontraud Speidel, Thomas Steinhöfel, Iva Navratova (Germany), George Kanev (Bulgaria), Petr Sefl and Ivo Kahanek (Czech Republic).

Since 2003, he was a regular participant of the International Kubalek Piano Courses where in 2004 he received a special prize for the best performance of a piece by a Czech composer and in 2006 for the best performance of a Mozart piece.

Pohl's main interest is the chamber music, especially his collaborations with singers. 

In 2002 he established a partnership with one of the most talented singers of his country, the bass-baritone Josef Skarka. They created a duo focusing on performing art songs, and together took part in several festivals in their own country and abroad (Montenegro, Italy, Mexico). 

Richard is also collaborating with various ensembles, (Sinfonia Chamber Orchestra, Matl Academic Choir, Maurice Ensemble Prague) and institutions (Conservatory Brno, Janacek Academy of Music, Frantisek Jilek School of Music). As an experienced accompanist has also earned many prizes and awards in that field. He collaborates with many respected artists (J. Dvorsky, M. Zhang, J. Pustina, E. Weissova, R. Fujii, J. Dolezilkova...) and since 2008 serves as the official accompanist of the International Vocal Contest in Zdar nad Sazavou, since 2010 he is a teacher and choir, instrumental and ballet accompanist as well in Frantisek Drdla School of Music in the same city and at the same year was appointed as professor at Pavel Krizkovsky High School Specialising in Arts. Additionaly, he has served as a lecturer, teacher and accompanist at the Janacek Academy of Music as well.

He records both solo and as an accompanist on CD's and for broadcast. Pohl is proud to present his live recordings at the Piano Society, appreciating the idea of the site as a source of sharing the classical piano recordings by pianistic community from the entire world. He has performed in many countries, including USA, Mexico, Sweden, France, Austria, Germany, Poland, Belgium, Luxembourg and Slovakia.

Mr. Pohl has also established his own Melodia Art Management, encouraging mainly collaborations with young artists and organizing benefit concerts. His artistic projects are supported by Ing. Cyril Svozil (Fenix Trading).

Richard Pohl is a member of Piano Society

Richard Pohl

Jeseniky Mountains - Czech Republic